Customer Service

Service Agents, Take Your Seat On The Sales Bus

In an economy of subscription customers are judging our value on a daily basis. These new rules make our Service Agents a key asset of your customer relationship management. They earned their status of trusted technical adviser by their ability to be totally dedicated to solving your customer’s issues and concerns. For these reasons, it’s no surprise introducing selling skills into this special relationship may rise some concerns for some of them. Our program addresses these concerns and bring Service Agents to realise that demonstrating genuine curiosity through questioning is a natural extension of servicing your customers. 

Questioning Techniques

We teach and train simple and powerful questioning techniques to uncover unsolved problems and expectations linked to your Unique Value Proposition. This process is intended to generate new opportunities to develop the value you bring to your customers. Once qualified, agents can hand over new opportunities to the sales team and in some cases closing simple deals by themselves; if they dare!

Conflict Management

Turning a tense discussion into a constructive interaction, keeping the emotion away from these calls to focus on problem solving and ultimately restore the trusting relationship is what this module is about. Beyond conflict management, we cover the rules of good communication to structure each conversation and conciliate time management and customer satisfaction.

Objection Handling

Dealing with resistance is a key competence that lies at the core of bringing a customer to consider a change. To avoid the ping pong “objection/answers” that can lead to a pushy sales conversation, we teach our participants to handle each objection as an opportunity to understand concerns and expectations while consolidate their status of trusted advisors.

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