Meet Rossano

Rossano runs his own learning and development business which provides sales, teambuilding, change solutions and leadership skills training, coaching and consulting to a wide range of clients in Europe and around the world.

He has over 14 years of B2B sales, management and training experience and my professional development expertise extends to both experiential and traditional classroom environments. Rossano has worked with business development professionals, middle managers and board-level executives for more than 10 years.

After graduating from University with a degree in teaching strategies, he lived in New York for 3 years, working in the field of communication skills for the boroughs of New York City, participating in programs throughout the USA.
Currently based in Italy, he travels around the world using his expertises as a trainer/facilitator, to create and execute programs, sessions and workshops. Rossano has delivered numerous sales, leadership, management and development workshops in Europe, North America, Middle East, Japan, Malaysia. He have worked with audiences that widely differ according to their business challenges.

Rossano is a native-Italian speaker, fluent in English and Spanish and basic French.